Born in 1992 in Italy, Ruggero Franceschini studied acting in Piccolo Teatro di Milano School, directed by Luca Ronconi (2011-2014), and Humanities in University of Milan (2011 - 2016). He is currently based between Milan and Paris.

He has worked as an actor in Piccolo Teatro di Milano (with directors Luca Ronconi, Declan Donnellan, Giorgio Sangati, Federico Tiezzi), CSS Teatro del FVG (with Alessandro Marinuzzi), Slowmachine Belluno (with Rajeev Badhan), Teatro Franco Parenti Milano (Francesca Merli), ZonaK Milano (Hannah Hurtzig) among others.

Meanwhile, he co-founded eunemesi, a collective who created theatre performances such as Melancholia I (2014) and Il figlio soffre (2015). He also started a personal artistic practice.

Between 2017 and 2019, Ruggero Franceschini attended the Master of Arts in Performance Design and Practice in Central Saint Martins, London, UK, and he co-created and performed in site specific performance Athina to 3 (Greece 2018) and Clarissa (UK 2019)

After graduation in 2019, he created The Monuments of Paese (Italy 2019), Anthology of Superfluous Activities (Italy, Taiwan, China 2019 - in progress, with Ray-Pei Yu and Anqi Zhao),Telenovela (co-created with Francesca Merli and Davide Strava, Italy 2022) M.A.P. (co-created with Zelda Soussan, France, Italy, Belgium 2021-2023), Walkabout (Italy 2022-2023), L.P. Blackstrike (Italy 2021). He also contributed to Strange is the Loop (directed by Alberto Franceschini, Austria 2020), and Biblioteca Umana dello Spettatore (directed by Francesca Merli, Italy 2023).  Since 2021 he is part of the artistic direction of GEA, contemporary theatre festival in Treviso (Italy) funded by Comune di Treviso and Teatro Stabile del Veneto, which has reached its third edition in 2023.

He continues to collaborate as director and performer with companies such as MALTE (Italy), LUIT (France), Momentum (Austria) and Switchoffthelight (China), and his work has been already presented in Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, UK, Greece, Denmark, China and Taiwan. In 2020 he has been selected as a member of the INSITU network, and in 2021 of the Crossing the Sea network.

He is a supporting actor in the full length movie “Perfetta Illusione” directed by Pappi Corsicato (Italy 2022), produced by Mompracem film.


2014: finalist at Lidia Petroni award with Eunemesi for Melancholia I
2016: finalist at Squeeze It award for Panopticon
2020: winner of MovinUp! with Eunemesi and Switchoffthelight for Anthology of Superfluous Activities
2021: winner of V_AIR award with LUIT for M.A.P.

Spoken languages:

Italian, mothertongue, English C2 (CAE certificate), French C1, Polish B1


2017-19: Master of Arts - Performance Design and Practice, Central Saint Martins, London, UK (with Michael Spencer, Pete Brooks, Imitating the Dog, Forced Entertainment, Gerry Pilgrim etc.)

2011-16: Bachelor of Arts - Humanities Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

2011-14: Piccolo Teatro di Milano acting school , Italy (with Luca Ronconi, Maria Consagra, Michele Abbondanza, etc.)

Other Training:

2024: workshop with Bush Hartshorn in BASE Milano, Italy
2022: workshop with Mariano Pensotti in Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Italy
2020: MOOC Create In Public Space, by FAI-AR
2019-20: workshop with Sonia Antinori, Enzo Cosimi, Fausto Paravidino, in IDRA, Brescia, Italy
2019: workshop with Frosini / Timpano in PimOff, Milano, Italy
2019: workshop with Gigi Dall’Aglio in Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Venezia, Italy
2018: workshop with Declan Donnellan in London, UK
2016: workshop with Ludovic Lagarde in Comédie de Reims, Reims, France.
2015: masterclass in Centro Teatrale Santacristina (with Fausto Russo Alesi, Alessio Maria Romano, Manuela Mandracchia etc.), Italy
2014: workshop with Falk Richter and Nir De Volff, Biennale Teatro, Venezia, Italy
2014: workshop with Attila Vidnyansky and Viktor Ryzhakov, Kaposvar, Hungary
2013-14: dance classes with Ariella Vidach, Milano, Italy