a promenade performance
created by: Ruggero Franceschini
performed by: Matteo Benussi, VIjay Benvenuto, Francesco Gagliazzo, Teresa Masini, Ronald Pelin, Valya Voinova

produced by Eunemesi
supported by Benvenuto Maestri Vetrai
Paese, Italy - 2019

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Project description

A site-specific promenade performance directed by Ruggero Franceschini. 5 cars were unleashed around the prosaicand anonymous village of Paese (meaning, in Italian: “village”). The drivers were somehow connected with Paese, and they were sharing their psychogeographic map and memories.
The watertower of Paese became the main attraction, and the audience was posing in the most bizarre attitudes towards it.

At the end, the 5 cars were gathering in a glass workshop, where together with the performers they were sharing their experience, creating an ephemeral map of the evening.
The title of the performance was inspired by The Monuments of Passaic, a short text by the land artist Robert Smithson.