a 360° video installation

created by Ruggero Franceschini and Antonio Giacomin
performed by Corrado Franceschini, Ruggero Franceschini, Daniele Molino, Marco Papparotto, Francesco Zamprogno


Iron Curtain is a psycho-geographic mapping of the Italian city of Trieste. Trieste was for decades the beginning of the Iron Curtain, which cut Europe in two during the Cold War. Ruggero Franceschini, together with VR artist Antonio Giacomin and collaborators Corrado Franceschini, Daniele Molino, Marco Papparotto and Francesco Zamprogno, created a 360° video documentation of a playful exploration of three symbolic locations: the former shipyard, the former mental hospital, and the university. The video is shot from the perspective of three characters, with skateboards and rollers, who wander around the desert streets and paths of the summer city. The cuts in the editing are provided by an external character, the photographer, who waits for the characters at the end of each itinerary. The 360° video and the analogue photos are part of an installation.