site specific promenade performance
created and performed by: Ruggero Franceschini, Ray-Pei Yu, Anqi Zhao
video by Xitong Song
supported by CSM
London, UK, 2019

Project description

Clarissa was a site - specific promenade performan- ce in London, 2019, created by Ruggero France-schini, Ray-Pei Yu and Anqi Zhao. A small group of15 people was exploring an itinerary inspired by thenovel “Mrs Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf. Bits of thenovel, set in London, were pre-recorded from ran- dom people, exactly in the streets of London they were taking place: during the promenade, in such places, the audience was listening to this soundtrack with headphones, while following a guide and per- formers playing characters from the novel.